IDS Toronto - Interior Design Show

JANUARY 18-21, 2024

Metro Toronto Convention Centre North Building

Bonnie Hvillum
Founder at Natural Material Studio


Friday, Jan 20 (12:30 PM - 1:30 PM)

Natural Material Studio is a Copenhagen-based design, research and consultancy practice founded in 2018 by material and interaction designer, Bonnie Hvillum.

The studio is driven by a desire to change our collective understanding, relation and perception of materials. They do so by working from a renewable and circular point of view, with both science, biology, chemistry, design and art as our building blocks. Forever forward-thinking, their work revolves around the principles of circular design – reuse, recycle, renew and rethink. Through a material-led approach centered around the properties and qualities of often discarded or under-utilized natural resources, Natural Material Studio explores material limitations and opportunities in order to create novel design solutions.

Today the studio design bespoke objects and installations, supply designers and brands with natural materials, as well as offering material research, consultancy, teaching & design for companies around the world. The studio collaborates multidisciplinary with scientists, experts & craftsmen from various fields to reach an uncompromising quality.