IDS Vancouver - Interior Design Show

SEPTEMBER 26-29, 2024

Vancouver Convention Centre West

Maryam Mobini
CEO at to:Resonate


Maryam Mobini is the founder and Behavior Designer of a design research studio, to:Resonate, focusing on designing and building multi-sensory wellness spaces for neurodivergent individuals to counter sensory overload by seamlessly regulating their nervous system based on each client’s sensory Profile (biometric data).

Maryam’s focus is on building PeaceTechnology products that cater to neurodivergents. PeaceTech solutions are used to create and augment positive, prosocial, and sustainable interactions and experiences in the neurodivergent community. She is on a mission to bring more inner peace, joy, connection and expansive energy by allowing clients to regulate their nervous system effortlessly. As a creative activist and ADHD Certified Coach, she helps neurodivergent creatives get shit done!

Maryam is also the founder of the Talk Series: Designing for the Invisible, which aims to share knowledge about how we can better design spaces with neurodivergents’ needs in mind in a neurotypical world.

Maryam won first place at the Lululemon Innovation Challenge in 2020. Her clients consist of Arianna Huffington at Thrive Global, P&G (FemCare & OralCare Department), Lululemon, Leckie Studio, Circle Wellness Studio, Transformative Technology Lab at Stanford, and University Canada West (Designed a Decentralized Open Innovation Ecosystem model for Vancouver - IaaS (Innovation as a Service).

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