IDS Vancouver - Interior Design Show

SEPTEMBER 26-29, 2024

Vancouver Convention Centre West

Immersive. Inspiring.

Look forward to some of the 2024 hot spots.

Each year, IDS Vancouver produces special features that speak to inspiring design ideas.

Future Neighbourhood

This September at IDS, take a walk through the Future Neighbourhood. This new, immersive feature is designed to inspire, delight, and stimulate conversation about good design. Explore how interior design will continue to adapt to, and shape our lives.

Perpetua Bar

The structure, named ‘Perpetua Bar’, uses recycled materials to create an immersive space for gathering. Open on all sides and accessed from any angle it seeks to bring people together, blurring the line between openness and enclosure. Designed by STARK.


A juried platform featuring products not currently in production addressing new ideas for the residential market.

Studio North

The marketplace showcase for custom work and limited edition collections.

The District

Shop the show at this bustling neighborhood that features fresh collections of design products for the home. It is the marketplace for designers to show and sell to discerning consumers and industry insiders.


The IDS Vancouver team partnered with their sister event the Artist Project for 2024 with the "Collect presented by Artist Project" .

Igniting innovation & celebrating design tradition

The Interior Design Show Vancouver is the Pacific platform for all things design and is the  premier showcase of new products and furniture, superstar designers and avant-garde concepts from North America and beyond.