IDS - Interior Design Show

IDS TORONTO / JAN 23-26, 2025

IDS VANCOUVER / SEPT 26 - 29, 2024

IDS Toronto 2025

Preliminary Budgeting Checklist

This should be used as a reference only; this is not the final pricing for these services as these are forms from our previous year, IDS Toronto 2024. These prices will increase between 3-5% on average. There are also several regulations involved with ordering these services which will be available when the Exhibitor Kit is live in the fall. Exhibitors will receive an email notification once the IDS Toronto 2025 Exhibitor Kit is live. 

For more information, please contact Catia at

  • Order electrical, plumbing, rigging installation or lighting from SHOWTECH
  • Make arrangements for $5,000,000.00 commercial general liability insurance or send a copy of existing insurance certificate to
  • Order material handling and advance warehousing to help speed up your load-in and load-out process
  • Determine whether you must file a Notice of Project with the Ontario Ministry of Labour 
  • Order lead retrieval scanner 
  • Order internet, parking & cleaning from MTCC
  • Order Hardwalls from Stronco. The advanced pricing for a 10’x20’ white hardwall packages in 2024 started at $2678.00. Please anticipate a 5% increase for 2025. Additional fees will apply for painting services or custom wall set-ups
  • Order catering for the Opening Night Party or the other Show days from MTCC
  • Other items to consider when budgeting for the show include staffing, freight/transportation, hotel requirements, booth design and booth build
IDS Toronto 2024 Booth Type Reference

Below is a reference of the different booth type layouts you can reference in regards to what you have booked with the show. 


Through our commitment to the evolution of the events industry, we aim to ensure we are delivering the best possible experience for our customers.

Informa’s Better Stands programme aims to unite and encourage exhibitors, along with their appointed contractors, to move away from disposable, single-use stands at events, in favour of reusable structures.

Exhibitors must fill out the MANDATORY SUSTAINABILITY SURVEY so that we can gather information about which components of your booth are being reused.

To learn more about Informa's Better Stands Programme please click HERE.

Quick Move-In Guidelines

Highlighted below are some of the key move-in considerations which should be used as a preliminary reference only. You will be responsible for complying with the complete set of guidelines and regulations published in the Exhibitor Kit, which will be available in the fall.

• Exhibitors will be assigned a move-in time based on their booth location and may not move-in earlier than this assigned time as their booth space won’t be available.

• The MTCC uses a MANDATORY digital reservation system for booking your loading time powered by Voyage Control. This complimentary service allows you to reserve a time slot for moving your materials directly in/out of the facility. If you arrive without booking a time slot you will be turned away. Booking codes will be sent to exhibitors in December so they can begin making their reservations.

• The North Building is accessible using the West Ramp (entrance is off of Front Street West & John Street on the west side of the MTCC’s North Building) or the East Loading Docks located on a lower level (accessible from Lower Simcoe south of Front Street West).

• The primary offloading area will be via the West Ramp – trucks will offload inside the venue directly on the Show Floor.

• The maximum time allotted for vehicle off-loading is 30 minutes.

• Exhibitors should review their material handling operations and requirements well in advance of move-in.

• It is strongly recommended that exhibitors arrange forklift service from Stronco Show Services to expedite the offloading/loading process. Be sure to consider not only the amount of time you’ll save by using the forklift service but also health and safety considerations for heavier or awkward freight. (Note, this is an exclusive service and exhibitors may not bring their own forklifts).

• Exhibitors not using the forklift service should be sure to arrive with trucks that have either ramps or liftgates.

• For exhibitors who feel the need to maximize their set-up time we highly recommend arranging advance warehousing through Stronco Show Services so their exhibit material will be at the facility at the start of their designated move-in time.

Complimentary Badges & Tickets
Exhibitor Badges

All exhibitors will receive exhibitor badges to distribute to their staff. These badges will allow free access to the exhibit hall during set-up, show hours and move-out. 

A maximum number of complimentary badges per booth will be allocated based on booth square footage:

Square Footage 

Prototype Exhibitors

The District Exhibitors

25 – 50 sq.ft.

51 – 100 sq.ft.

101 – 300 sq.ft.

301 – 400 sq.ft.

401 – 600 sq.ft.

601 – 800 sq.ft.

801 – 1000 sq.ft.

1001+ sq.ft

Badge Qty












Exhibitors will receive complimentary tickets for the Opening Night Party, Trade Days and Weekends to distribute to clients, friends and family; the number of tickets supplied is based on booth square footage.

Opening Night Party

Square Footage                              Ticket Qty

Prototype                                                 2

Studio North                                           2

District                                                      2

25 – 50 sq.ft.                                           2

51 – 100 sq.ft.                                          2

101 – 300 sq.ft.                                       2

301 – 400 sq.ft.                                      4

401 – 600 sq.ft.                                      4

601 – 800 sq.ft.                                      4

801 – 1000 sq.ft.                                     6

1001+ sq.ft.                                               8

Weekend Tickets

Square Footage                              Ticket Qty

Prototype                                                 2

Studio North                                           2

District                                                      2

25 – 50 sq.ft.                                           2

51 – 100 sq.ft.                                          4

101 – 300 sq.ft.                                       6

301 – 400 sq.ft.                                      8

401 – 600 sq.ft.                                      10

601 – 800 sq.ft.                                      12

801 – 1000 sq.ft.                                     14

1001+ sq.ft.                                               16

Trade Day Passes

Complimentary Trade Day Registrations

Prototype & Studio North             15
Collect & District                               15
All Other Exhibitors                         25
Sponsors                                          please refer to your contract

Unauthorized Suppliers

Be aware of unauthorized suppliers claiming to be partnering with IDS who approach exhibitors attempting to sell products or services they may not be able to deliver. Be on the lookout for the following warning signs:

  • Contact emails are not personalized and may not refer to the show;
  • Contact emails do not have a signature or a phone number to contact;
  • Companies will request full payment in advance of providing the service.

If you receive any communications that seem suspicious, are from companies that are not listed below, or are not listed as Authorized or Official Suppliers above, contact  We are currently aware of the following companies that attempt to solicit exhibitors. None of these companies is affiliated with the show and do not have authorization to represent the show: