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IDS Contract Exhibitor Kit
January 19-20, 2023
IDS Toronto Contract Exhibitor Kit
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1) Exhibitor Move-in.

Please note: exhibitor space must be paid in full before exhibitors will be allowed to move-in and set-up. If you have any questions regarding your balance please contact Christine Heyman at 416-802-2514 or

IMPORTANT! Assigned Exhibitor Move-In Time: Please check the Colour-Coded Move-In Floor Plan for your assigned offloading time. Refer to the “Shipping to the Show” section below for load-in procedures.

Tuesday, January 17, 2023 4:00pm-8:00pm
Wednesday, January 18, 2023 8:00am-8:00pm

MTCC off-loading areas will not be available for deliveries outside of your scheduled move-in times. However, booth displays can be worked on following your assigned offloading time. Please notify Show Management if you are planning to stay after hours. For exhibitors moving in on Tuesday and Wednesday who feel they need more time, we highly recommend arranging advance warehousing using the link below.

No vehicles are allowed to drive onto the show floor during move-in or move-out. Vehicle offloading and loading must take place using one of the shipping options listed below.

NOTE: Exhibitors in the Contract section will receive move-in instructions and times via email.

IMPORTANT FOR ALL EXHIBITORS! Move-in ends on Wednesday, January 18, 2023 at 8:00pm. NO exhibitor deliveries will be accepted on Thursday. The exhibit floor will open to Trade attendees at 9:00am on Thursday, January 19, 2023.

Advance Warehousing Order Form 
show code: 515445033
Deadline: December 27, 2022

2) Shipping to the Show.

Please review all of the shipping information thoroughly and ensure your material handling and requirements are confirmed well in advance of move-in. You have three delivery options:

Option 1. Ship your exhibit materials to the Advance Warehouse.

We recommend you ship your show material to the Stronco warehouse in advance of the show. The benefits of advance shipping include the storage of material for up to 30 days prior to the show, delivery of shipment to the show site prior to exhibitor move-in and the ability to skip the Voyage Control reservation system during move-in.

If you ship to the advance warehouse, your freight will be at the show site prior to your scheduled move-in time. The cost of the advance warehousing service includes all of the following:

  • Receive shipment at the warehouse up to 30 days in advance of the show (any items stored beyond 30 days will incur additional charges)
  • Provide inventory count and record any visual damage
  • Deliver materials to show site

Advance Warehousing service includes delivery to the show site only; it does NOT include Material Handling services. If you require Material Handling services in addition to Advance Warehousing, be sure to order BOTH services.

Advance Warehouse Receiving Order Form 
show code 515445033
Deadline: December 27, 2022

Material Handling Order Form
show code 515445033
Earlybird Deadline: December 27, 2022

Option 2. Move in with the use of Loading Docks.

Direct shipments must be made during the exhibitor’s assigned move-in day and time. Please refer to the Colour-Coded Move-In Floor Plan (coming soon) for this information. You may NOT move-in earlier than your scheduled time, however, if you do not require loading dock access you may move-in later than your scheduled time.

Fast Track Reservation System: Voyage Control
The MTCC uses a free, fast-track online reservation system called Voyage Control for booking a guaranteed offloading time.

The benefits of registering and booking through Voyage Control include:

  • The ability to drive directly to the loading docks for your allotted time slot without having to wait in surrounding parking lots or make diversions through the downtown core.
  • Your online booking will give you a dedicated space and time slot for your vehicle.
  • You can schedule a delivery time for your exhibit materials from anywhere and choose an available time convenient for your needs.
  • If you have third-party contractors, delivery companies and/or display houses working on your behalf for set-up, they must be scheduled through this process.
  • Receive Up to Date communication from the MTCC Dock Staff.

Detailed instructions will be emailed to you once the Voyage Control portal is live and ready to accept bookings for your designated move-in time.

When vehicles arrive at the truck elevator, they must check in with the Dock Staff at Lower Simcoe st. (red coat). Please make sure the driver has their timed Voyage Control booking pass visible for the staff at Lower Simcoe. If vehicles arrive early or late, they may be asked to return once space becomes available.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is no Marshaling Yard. All vehicles will need to make a Voyage Control booking in advance of their arrival to the venue. If you require assistance to make your booking, please have your booth name, number, vehicle size, contact and booking code ready. Contact Dock Staff at 416-585-8345 or

Important: Under no circumstance may a vehicle put their 4-way flashers on and block traffic at Lower Simcoe. Toronto Police will ticket any vehicle blocking traffic on the street.

Important notes about shipping directly to show site:

  • Shipments to the MTCC must be prepaid and scheduled to arrive no earlier than during your scheduled move-in time.
  • Instruct your carrier to book a delivery time via Voyage Control.
  • Convention Centre staff will not accept shipments on your behalf.

Please ensure that a representative from your company is present when your shipment arrives. Also, ensure that personnel working on your booth have your company name and booth number. This will ensure that the material handling on move-in days runs smoothly and efficiently and minimize security hold-ups. If an exhibitor’s representative is not present, IDS reserves the right to order equipment and/or materials moved from the unloading area to the exhibitor’s booth area, or to order the removal of the truck from the unloading area. Charges for this service will be invoiced by Stronco Show Services to the exhibitor.

Download the South Loading Dock Map HERE.

Shipping Address:

Metro Toronto Convention Centre
South Loading Docks, Halls D&E
222 Bremner Blvd
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5V 3L9

Attn: Company Name & Booth #

Download Shipping Labels HERE

Stronco Logistics Services has been appointed the Official Transportation Provider and Customs Broker for IDS23. Exhibitors have the option, however, to ship their materials to the show via any carrier. Stronco Logistics can provide all modes of transportation (including land, air and sea) as well as both local and international cartage service. Visit the Stronco Shipping link below for more information.

Stronco Logistics Services

show code 515445033

Material Handling: The maximum time allotted for vehicle off-loading is 30 minutes. No mechanical conveyances will be provided for the movement of display material from the unloading area to your booth. A limited number of flatbed four-wheel dollies will be available, on loan, for unloading smaller shipments. If you require any larger mechanical devices (i.e. forklifts) for the movement of display materials from the loading dock area to your booth please complete the Stronco Material Handling Order Form linked below. Be sure to consider not only the amount of time you’ll save by using the forklift service but also health and safety considerations for heavier or awkward freight. (Note, this is an exclusive service and exhibitors may not bring their own forklifts).

Exhibitors who plan to off-load themselves might also want to consider using crates that have wheels to allow for faster unloading. PARKING AT THE OFF-LOADING AREA IS PROHIBITED. Vehicles must be removed as soon as unloading is complete. All exhibitors are urged to review their material handling operations and requirements with Stronco Show Services well in advance of move-in.

IMPORTANT: the material handling rate is based on booth square footage rather than the weight of shipping freight. Service includes receiving and unloading at off-loading area; delivery to booth; removal, storage and return of empty crates; removal of freight from booth at show close; and loading on designated carrier(s). For rates and full details please refer to the Stronco Material Handling Order Form below.

Material Handling Order Form 
show code 515445033
Earlybird Deadline: December 27, 2022

Option 3. Move in without the use of Loading Docks (available Tuesday – Wednesday, see hours below).

If you do not require the use of the Loading Docks, you do not need to make an appointment through Voyage Control. There are two service freight elevators located and accessible for exhibitors unloading freight from personal vehicles either within the South Building Parking Garage or from Bremner Boulevard across from the MTCC entrance. Exhibitors dropping off/picking up from Bremner Boulevard cannot leave their personal vehicle unattended, the driver must remain with the vehicle. Pick-up and Drop off’s should be a maximum of 10 minutes each. Un-attended vehicles may be ticketed by Toronto Police.

The elevators can accommodate flat-bed dollies and pallets using pallet jacks only (no forklifts). Flat-bed dollies are strictly prohibited on escalators or passenger elevators.

It is important to note that dollies, pallet jacks or oversized loads are not allowed in pre-function space during move in or move out. Small hand-carry items are permitted on the passenger elevators. Move in or out via ceremonial driveway/entrance on level 500 is not permitted and vehicles will be tagged & towed.

Reminder: you may NOT move-in earlier than your scheduled time, however, if you DO NOT require loading dock access you may move-in later than your scheduled time.

Service Elevator Technical Specs:

  • Dimensions of the physical elevator: 4’ 6” W x 8’ 4” L x 7’ H
  • Load Capacity: 5000 lbs
  • Dimensions of the door entrances to the elevators:
    • Bremner Blvd. Entrance (Double Glass Doors): 5’10” W x 7’8” H
    • Garage Parking Level Door: 5’10” W x 6’10”H
    • Hall E: 3’10” W x 7’2”H

Service Elevator Hours of Operation: 

Wednesday, January 18, 2022


3) International Shipments.

Stronco Logistics, the Official customs Broker for IDS23, provides trans-border transportation, however, you have the option to ship materials to the show via any carrier. Stronco will maintain staff on-site from move-in through move-out to assist exhibitors with their entry/import and return/export of goods. Exhibitors can request a comprehensive Customs Guide from Stronco to assist in the preparation and distribution of documents (Toll free: 1-800-665-2621, Email:

We strongly recommend a customs broker be used for all material being shipped from outside of Canada, including convention materials. Advance communication will ensure the most favourable customs status and trouble-free entry. For our international exhibitors, assistance with your freight and customs can be arranged with the Official Customs Broker, Stronco Logistics Services. (Toll free: 1-800-665-2621, Email:

Customs Letter of Recognition

To simplify the import process and ensure a smooth entry process, international exhibitors should follow the requirements outlined in the customs letter of recognition and distribute the letter as follows:

  • Present the customs letter of recognition to a Canadian Border Services Agency officer when they arrive at the Canadian border
  • A copy of the letter should accompany any shipment of commercial goods to the event; and
  • A copy should be forwarded to the designated representative or customs broker, as applicable.

All requirements are listed in the customs letter of recognition. Please contact Megan Mitchell-Downey at to receive a copy of the customs letter.

Border Crossing

Exhibitors who plan on crossing the border should consider the following points:

  • A list of the Point of Entries into Canada can be found here. Check wait-times and plan accordingly.
  • US citizens require a valid passport for travel to Canada and upon re-entry to the US.
  • Exhibitors should be prepared to answer questions from CBSA officers about why they are travelling to Canada.

For more information about travelling from the United States into Canada as a temporary business traveller, please visit The U.S. Embassy in Canada website.

IDS / Informa Canada Inc. accepts no responsibility for any delays or seizures at the border, including exhibitors being turned away due to paperwork, criminal record or other reasons. Exhibitors wishing to contact the Canada Border Services Agency may visit their website for more information:

Duties and Taxes

The Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) is currently 13%. Equipment and exhibits for this show, which will leave the country after the show, may be brought in free of duties and taxes but are subject to a deposit equal to the duties and taxes normally levied on them. (No duties apply, just 13% HST, for products made in the U.S.A.). The Official Customs Broker has made arrangements with Canada Customs for a bond to cover all imports to this show. Exhibitors using the services of the Official Customs Broker will therefore not be required to issue a separate power of attorney.

NOTE: For printed materials, advertising material and give-away articles, Canada Customs requires the payment of full duties and taxes on these materials. (No duties apply, just 13% HST, for products made in the U.S.A.). For more details, contact the Official Customs Broker directly.

4) Exhibitor Move-out.

Friday, January 20, 2023 6:00pm-11:00pm

No dismantling or removal of any material is permitted until after the official Show closes on Friday, January 20, 2023 at 6:00pm.

Product is most vulnerable to loss during dismantling, and so please never leave valuables unattended. The show’s general security is merely a presence to inhibit theft.

Every item, whether exhibit material, brochures or trash, belonging to exhibitors must be removed entirely from the Metro Toronto Convention Centre by 11:00pm. Should any exhibitor fail to remove all property by the time stipulated, then the exhibitor shall indemnify Show Management in respect to any claim thereby occasioned. Show Management shall be entitled, but not obliged, to remove such materials belonging to the exhibitor, who shall be liable for all loss and costs incurred.

More information about move-out will be available the Move-Out Memo (coming soon) that is distributed to all exhibitors on-site during the show.