IDS Toronto - Interior Design Show

JANUARY 23-26, 2025

Metro Toronto Convention Centre North Building


This January at IDS, take a walk through the Future Neighbourhood. This new, immersive feature is designed to inspire, delight, and stimulate conversation about good design. Six design teams - including Interior Architects (IA), Noam Hazan Design Studio, Safoura Zahedi, SDI Design with Q4 Architects, SVN, and Syllable Design - explore how interior design will continue to adapt to, and shape our lives. The inspiration for this feature is the city of Toronto, which is made up of distinct neighbourhoods.Visitors will walk down a central street in the Future Neighbourhood, then enter each installation, experiencing design solutions to problems including the housing crisis; the ever-evolving crossover of work and living spaces; ageing in place; and the introduction of technology into different interiors.

Explore the Neighbourhood

Be Anywhere. Together

Designed by SDI and Q4

Housing the Unhoused

Designed by SvN

meLo: Envelop Your Senses

Designed by Syllable

Journey Through Geometry