IDS Toronto - Interior Design Show

JANUARY 23-26, 2025

Metro Toronto Convention Centre North Building

Modern Prefab

Step into the world of the Modern Prefab at IDS. The boom of pre-fabricated buildings in all forms continues across Canada. This feature lets visitors explore the interior of prefabs by three companies – each presenting distinct business models – with the units clustered around a clearing of trees and benches.


Created by arcana, arhome is a thoughtfully designed dwelling solution, purpose-built with guest experience in mind, fully constructed in our factory and delivered to you within 8-12 weeks. Designed by Vancouver based architect Michael Leckie of Leckie Studio, arhomes are minimal yet painstakingly considered, removing distractions, allowing for uninterrupted time to return – to our surroundings, to nature, to ourselves. Whether situated in your backyard or tucked in the woods, arhome is delivered fully assembled and ready for use.

The Backcountry Hut Company

The Backcountry Hut Company (BHC) was founded in 2015, born from a deep appreciation of the outdoors and a desire to put down roots in adventurous locations.

BHC specializes in compact modernist recreational structures, crafted to rigorous standards, designed to leave a minimal impact on the environment. The BHC collection of prefabricated, flat-packed building systems can be configured to meet a variety of uses, landscapes, and lifestyle needs.

Inspired by simplicity and the quest to provide outstanding design and value, BHC’s award-winning cabin systems are developed with user participation in mind - with an emphasis on self-assembly and communal construction. The result is a collection of prefabricated kit-of-parts building systems that ship directly to site and can be assembled in a fraction of the time of a traditional construction process.


HUTT is a pre-assembled, prefab structure designed for use as a backyard studio, office, fitness space or whatever extension of the home you need it to be, sized to not require permits in most jurisdictions. HUTT features an in-roof solar array, battery storage, high performance windows, and sustainably grown timber construction. This is the latest addition from CABN, which utilizes prefabricated materials to rapidly build smart, modern, affordable homes that generate more energy than they consume. CABN opened its first show home in May and has orders from across North America to build standalone homes as well as entire communities.