IDS Toronto - Interior Design Show

JANUARY 23-26, 2025

Metro Toronto Convention Centre North Building

Safoura Zahedi - Journey Through Geometry

Following 365 days of travel across historic Islamic regions to study geometric patterns in architecture and handcrafts, Safoura Zahedi presents “Journey Through Geometry” — an immersive installation that explores geometry as a spiritual design tool and invites people to contemplate, connect, and partake in a spatial meditation.

Inspired by natural fractal forms — clouds, trees, ocean waves — the digitally fabricated sculpture is comprised of a series of modular steel units polished to a reflective mirror finish. The structure is both open and solid, drawing people inward while simultaneously producing reflections that refract, multiply, and reconstitute perspectives and inspire us to broaden our minds and souls.

Safoura Zahedi is an architect (OAA), interdisciplinary artist, educator and geometry expert living and working in Toronto. Her creative practice blends art and architecture, craft and technology, spirituality and materiality, with a focus on geometry as a tool for reflection, a call to action, and an opportunity for reinvention.

Created in partnership with:

Technical Fabrication Consulting by Timothy Boll
Story Captured by Make Good
Fabrication Sponsor: Millworks Custom Manufacturing (MCM)
Print Sponsor: INPS Graphic Solutions
Material Sponsor: 3M Canada