IDS - Interior Design Show

IDS TORONTO / JAN 18 - 21, 2024

IDS VANCOUVER / SEP 26 - 29, 2024

IDS Vancouver 2024

Preliminary Budgeting Checklist

This should be used as a reference only; this is not the final pricing for these services as these are forms from IDS Vancouver 2023. These prices will increase between 3-5% on average. Please note: there are some additional regulations involved with ordering these services; this information will be available when the Exhibitor Kit is live in the summer. Exhibitors will receive an email notification once the IDS Van24 Exhibitor Kit is live.

For more information, please contact Catia at

  • Order electrical, water/plumbing, cleaning and phone/internet from the Vancouver Convention Centre
  •  Make arrangements for $5,000,000 in commercial general liability insurance
  • Order material handling from Levy to help speed up your load-in and load-out process
  • Order lead retrieval scanners from MicroSpec to capture leads on Trade Day (September 27, 2024)
  • Order hardwalls or custom exhibits from Sequoia
  • Order catering from the Vancouver Convention Centre
  • Other items to consider when budgeting for the show include staffing, hotel requirements, rigging, lighting, booth design, booth build and freight/transportation. Please be aware that the majority of move-out takes place on the Sunday night; arranging for Sunday booth dismantle and transportation (or shipping with Levy Show Services) is essential.
IDS24 Booth Type Reference

Below is a reference of the different booth type layouts you can reference in regards to what you have booked with the show. 

Move-In Guidelines

Highlighted below are some of the key move-in considerations which should be used as a preliminary reference only. You will be responsible for complying with the complete set of guidelines and regulations published in the Exhibitor Kit, which will be available in the fall.

All exhibitors be assigned a designated move-in day and time based on their booth location. All move-in times at the Vancouver Convention Centre will be scheduled by a Fast Track Reservation System, Voyage Control;  instructions will be emailed to all exhibitors closer to the show with booking details and the Truck Route Entrance map.

Benefits of Voyage Control:

  • Reduced waiting times.
  • You can schedule an exact time for offloading during your specified move-in time.
  • Your online booking will give you a dedicated space and time slot for your vehicle.
  • Up-to-date communication from Dock Staff.
  • Reduced carbon footprint through elimination of idle waiting time.

We understand that some of the materials that you might be bringing to the show may not necessitate the need to use the Loading Dock and Staging Area for your move-in (i.e Prototype, Studio North, District and Collect exhibitors).  If this is the case, you do not need to use Voyage Control  and you may enter through the Main Entrance or Parking Level with materials in hand or a hand dolly directly to your booth to set-up.

Complimentary Badges & Tickets
Exhibitor Badges

All exhibitors will receive exhibitor badges to distribute to their staff. These badges will allow free access to the exhibit hall during set-up, show hours and move-out. 

A maximum number of complimentary badges per booth will be allocated based on booth square footage:

Square Footage 

Prototype Exhibitors

The District Exhibitors

25 – 50 sq.ft.

51 – 100 sq.ft.

101 – 300 sq.ft.

301 – 400 sq.ft.

401 – 600 sq.ft.

601 – 800 sq.ft.

801 – 1000 sq.ft.

1001+ sq.ft

Badge Qty












Exhibitors will receive complimentary tickets for the Opening Night Party, Trade Days and Weekends to distribute to clients, friends and family; the number of tickets supplied is based on booth square footage.

Opening Night Party

Square Footage                              Ticket Qty

Prototype                                                  2

Collect                                                        2

Studio North                                            2

District                                                        2

25 – 200 sq.ft.                                        4

201 – 300 sq.ft.                                      6

301 – 400 sq.ft.                                      6

401 – 500 sq.ft.                                      8

501 – 700 sq.ft.                                      8

701 – 800 sq.ft.                                     10

801+ sq.ft.                                               12

Weekend Tickets

Square Footage                              Ticket Qty

Prototype                                                 2

Collect                                                       2

Studio North                                          4

The District                                              4

25 – 100 sq.ft.                                       4

101 – 200 sq.ft.                                      8

201 – 300 sq.ft.                                  10

301 – 400 sq.ft.                                  12

401 – 500 sq.ft.                                  14

501 – 600 sq.ft.                                  16

601 – 700 sq.ft.                                  20

701+  sq.ft.                                           24

Trade Day Passes

Complimentary Trade Day Registrations

Prototype & Studio North             15
Collect & District                               15
All Other Exhibitors                         25
Sponsors                                          please refer to your contract

Unauthorized Suppliers

Be aware of unauthorized suppliers claiming to be partnering with IDS who approach exhibitors attempting to sell products or services they may not be able to deliver. Be on the lookout for the following warning signs:

  • Contact emails are not personalized and may not refer to the show;
  • Contact emails do not have a signature or a phone number to contact;
  • Companies will request full payment in advance of providing the service.

If you receive any communications that seem suspicious, are from companies that are not listed below, or are not listed as Authorized or Official Suppliers above, contact  We are currently aware of the following companies that attempt to solicit exhibitors. None of these companies is affiliated with the show and do not have authorization to represent the show: