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IDS Toronto Exhibitor Kit
January 19-22, 2023
IDS Toronto Main Floor Exhibitor Kit
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1) Exhibitor Badges.

There are two types of badges:

Exhibitor Badges.

All exhibitors and their staff will be required to wear a badge during the show while on the exhibit floor. These badges will allow free access to the exhibit hall during set-up, show hours and move-out. Register for exhibitor badges on-line or on-site.

To avoid the registration lines at the show, exhibitors are advised to register online in advance. You will need to enter your password to log into the online exhibitor badge registration page (link coming soon). If you do not have your password, please contact Nina Eksir at

A maximum number of complimentary badges per booth will be allocated based on booth square footage:

Square Footage                                                        Badge Qty

Prototype Exhibitors                                                       1

Milk Stand                                                                       1

25 – 49 sq.ft.                                                                   2

50 – 100 sq.ft.                                                                 4

101 – 300 sq.ft.                                                               6

301 – 400 sq.ft.                                                               8

401 – 600 sq.ft.                                                             10

601 – 800 sq.ft.                                                             12

801 – 1000 sq.ft.                                                           14

1001+ sq.ft.                                                                   16

BADGES WILL NOT BE MAILED IN ADVANCE OF THE SHOW. Exhibitor badges will only be issued on-site during move-in at the registration counters located on level 600 of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Please have your business card on hand when picking up your badge.

Additional badges or replacement badges are $25 each. A positive proof of affiliation with the exhibiting company may be required for all NEW badges printed on-site.

Important note: exhibitor badges are valid every day of the show EXCEPT during the opening night party. To gain access to the show floor between 6:00 PM and 11:00 PM on Thursday, January 21 exhibitors require both a badge AND a party ticket. Exhibitors will receive a limited number of complimentary tickets early January to be distributed to staff who will be working in their booth on opening night. Ticket quantities are based on booth square footage. More details can be found below.

Temporary Badges (for move-in and move-out).

Contractors or staff working on your behalf during set-up and tear-down (and who will NOT be working during regular show hours) will be given a temporary badge to wear during move-in and move-out times. They will not be issued permanent staff badges. The temporary badges will be available at the west ramp and the east loading docks upon arrival at the show and are valid only during move-in and move-out designated times.

2) Tickets.

Opening Night Party Tickets.

Our Opening Night Party will be held on Thursday, January 21, 2021, from 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM on the show floor at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. NOTE: the party is open to the general public and guests must be 19 years of age and older.

Exhibitors will receive a limited number of complimentary tickets early January to be distributed to staff who will be working in their booth on opening night. It is only with a ticket that staff may enter the exhibit hall that evening – NOT an exhibitor badge.

Square Footage                                                           Ticket Qty

Prototype Exhibitors                                                          2

Milk Stand                                                                          2

25 – 50 sq.ft.                                                                      2

51 – 100 sq.ft.                                                                    4

101 – 300 sq.ft.                                                                  4

301 – 400 sq.ft.                                                                  6

401 – 600 sq.ft.                                                                  6

601 – 800 sq.ft.                                                                  8

801 – 1000 sq.ft.                                                                8

1001 sq.ft.+                                                                       10

You may purchase additional opening night tickets for clients, friends, family, or additional staff working in the booth for the special exhibitor rate of $55 each or $50 each for 20 or more tickets. (Please note this is only for show participants and only available if purchased before 12:00 PM on Thursday, January 21, 2021.) Regular-priced tickets are $60 in advance and $65 at the door. Tickets can be purchased online here (link and promo code coming soon).

Weekend Tickets.

IDS is open to the public on both Saturday, January 23 and Sunday, January 24, 2021. Exhibitors will receive complimentary public day tickets in a package sent out early January. The number of tickets supplied is based on booth square footage:

Square Footage                                                         Ticket Qty

Prototype Exhibitors                                                        2

Milk Stand                                                                        2

25 – 50 sq.ft.                                                                    2

51 – 100 sq.ft.                                                                  4

101 – 300 sq.ft.                                                                8

301 – 400 sq.ft.                                                              12

401 – 600 sq.ft.                                                              14

601 – 800 sq.ft.                                                              16

801 – 1000 sq.ft.                                                            18

1001 sq.ft. +                                                                   20

Public Day tickets cost $22 each onsite, or $19 in advance online. Children 12 and under are free.

A special advance rate is available to exhibitors: $17 each or $15 each for 10 or more tickets. Please note that this is only for show participants. Tickets can be purchased online here (link and promo code coming soon).

Note: Exhibitors will only receive their complimentary ticket package in the mail prior to the first day of the show if full booth payment is made. Deadline to be confirmed. 

3) Trade Days Registration.

TRADE DAYS: All professional members of the design trade visiting the show on Thursday, January 21, 2021, from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM and Friday, January 22, 2021, from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM will be required to wear an attendee badge. Trade Badges are only valid on Thursday, January 21 and Friday, January 22, 2021 (note, Trade Badges are not valid for the Opening Night Party on Thursday, January 21).

PUBLIC DAYS: Note, attendees on Saturday, January 23 or Sunday, January 24, do not wear badges. Please see above for admission pricing for public days.

One of the added benefits of being part of IDS21 show is receiving complimentary trade registration for your clients and partners to attend our Professional Trade Days, Thursday, January 21 and Friday, January 22, 2021.

Professional Trade Days are reserved for professional members of the design trade. The days are designed to inspire, educate and expose professionals to products, designers, and ideas from both international and national perspectives.

Your customer code for complimentary trade registration is emailed to the main contact of the booth space. To begin Trade Days online registration through the attendee portal, visit the Trade Registration Page (online form coming soon). Registration is a 4 step process. The promo code (which is sent to you by Microspec via email) is added at step #3 Select Sessions, to reduce the cost to $0. The Verify Code button must be clicked to validate the promo code. The SUBMIT button must be clicked to complete. The individual that you register will then receive an email with the print at home badge or will be able to have this printed onsite when they arrive. Important note: your customer code can only be redeemed online and will not be accepted onsite at the registration counters.

Square Footage                                                             Registration Qty

Prototype Exhibitors                                                                 15

Milk Stand                                                                                 15

25 – 50 sq.ft.                                                                             15

51 – 100 sq.ft.                                                                           15

101 – 300 sq.ft.                                                                         25

301 – 400 sq.ft.                                                                         25

401 – 600 sq.ft.                                                                         25

601 – 800 sq.ft.                                                                         25

801 – 1000 sq.ft.                                                                       25

1001 sq.ft.+                                                                               25 

2) Lead Retrieval.

Lead retrieval helps you easily capture, qualify and connect with potential buyers who attend Professional Trade Days on Thursday, April 7, 2022 (9:00am-4:00pm) and Friday, April 8, 2022 (9:00am-6:00pm). You can also use the scanner unit to capture fellow exhibitor badges on Saturday and Sunday.


Easy To Use – The Lead Retrieval Scanners are as simple as point and click so you can spend your time talking to potential buyers and not trying to scan their badge.

Accurate Information – Since lead data is linked to the event registration data, you will have access to the most up to date information available; even if updated during the event.

Flexible & Reliable – All of the devices are handheld and battery-operated. This provides you with the freedom to scan a lead pretty much anywhere, not to mention no additional power is required to operate the unit.

Additional Exposure – When you rent a lead retrieval device from MicroSpec your company contact details will appear on the “Who scanned Me” report of the individuals that visited your booth. This unique solution is sent to each attendee post-event and can facilitate proactive follow-up with you by the potential buyer.

Fully Supported Onsite – MicroSpec lead retrieval personnel are on-site throughout the show with fast and friendly service. They care about your experience so their staff walk the exhibit hall during show hours and visit booths multiple times a day. They’re always ready to answer any questions you may have.

To order your lead retrieval unit(s), please follow the link below. Place your order by (TBC) to receive the early bird discount (prices increase by 10% after deadline).

Lead Retrieval Order Form
Earlybird Deadline:  TBA

3) Booth Awards.

IDS booth awards are open to all exhibitors with booths within the following categories. Entry is automatic; no submission required.

IDS Main Floor Categories:
  • 50 sq.ft. to 199 sq.ft.
  • 200 sq.ft. to 399 sq.ft.
  • 400 sq.ft.
  • 401 sq.ft. to 600 sq.ft.
  • 601 sq.ft. and above
  • Prototype
  • Studio North Best Collection

A jury composed of professional designers and design media will conduct the booth judging on the morning of Friday, January 22, 2021. Exhibits will be judged for creativity, quality and outstanding design. The exhibit should present the products and services clearly and in an innovative manner.

Designers and architects chosen to be part of the jury are typically comprised of firms who have participated in previous exhibits at IDS as they understand the complexity of building out exhibitions within the specific constraints of the event.

Judging Criteria:
  1. Innovative use of materials
  2. Use of design in the booth
  3. Selection and use of colour
  4. Lighting
  5. Presentation of product and service
  6. Use of signage
  7. Presentation of brand
  8. Experience of the space – how engaging or interactive is the space
  9. Booth design must be original and cannot be a repeat of a previous year’s boot

A gallery of past booth winners can be seen on Flickr (IDS17, IDS18, IDS19, IDS20).

Award winners will be announced on the afternoon of Friday, January 22 at the Caesarstone Stage in Hall E.