IDS Vancouver - Interior Design Show

SEPTEMBER 26-29, 2024

Vancouver Convention Centre West

Kyla Bidgood
Founder & Creative Director at Bidgood


Kyla Bidgood is the founder and creative director of Victoria-based and the award-winning interior design studio Bidgood. Their practice creates spaces that blur the lines between design eras and styles. Their interiors embrace warmth, texture, and rich materials that are both thoroughly functional and artistically uplifting.

They are dedicated to cultivating a feeling of joy in every space we touch. Anchored in thoughtful materiality and tactile experiences, their interiors are curated and considered. They interpret your lifestyle and aesthetic goals and create something filtered by their artistry and experience.

Kyla Bidgood's Network

Agenda Sessions

  • Design Talks with Lynda Reeves. Modern Comfort: Tips From the Pros