IDS Toronto - Interior Design Show

JANUARY 23-26, 2025

Metro Toronto Convention Centre North Building

Dina Sarhane
Founder at DS Studio


Dina Sarhane is an architect whose passion lies in shaping the urban landscape and fostering community through thoughtful design. With a global perspective gained from living across four continents, she established DS Studio in 2017 as a platform to channel her extensive research and observations into the dynamics of shared spaces within diverse cultures.

At the core of Dina's architectural practice is a commitment to designing public spaces that serve as vibrant hubs for civic engagement. Dina's expertise extends beyond the confines of individual buildings; she masterfully integrates her designs with the surrounding urban fabric, creating a harmonious relationship between the public realm and the built environment. Her work delves into the intricate interplay between the building envelope, interior programming.

As the chair of Ottawa’s Urban Land Institute District Council, Dina actively contributes to shaping the urban narrative, and her role as a Sessional Lecturer at Carleton University reflects her dedication to imparting knowledge on urbanism and architecture. Her current exploration of mass timber reflects a keen interest in the intersection of technology and material sciences, seeking best practices that align with her commitment to sustainable and innovative design.

Agenda Sessions

  • F02: The Economy of Timber