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IDS Vancouver Exhibitor Kit
September 22-25, 2022
IDS Vancouver Exhibitor Kit
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IDS Vancouver Exhibitor Kit.

1) Fire Safety Regulations.

It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to comply with the Fire Regulations and requirements of the City of Vancouver. All exhibitors must review the VCC Exhibitor Fire Safety Regulations. Make sure to go through it carefully and direct any questions to the VCC Fire Marshall, or simply contact your IDS Vancouver representative.

The Building Code prohibits the use of flammable materials in booth construction and décor. Styrofoam and foam core, in any form, is forbidden. Fire regulations require that all decorating materials (ie. fabric and carpeting, etc.) be fire proofed or made of fire retardant material. This does not apply to displaying your own product. Flame proofing usually lasts from 6 months to 1 year. Once your display has been flame proofed please make sure you bring the documentation on-site to show to the fire prevention inspector. This will avoid having to fire-test the exhibit on site. The documentation should indicate by whom and when the fireproofing was done, the exact materials flame proofed and the flame proofing compound used and the approximate period of effectiveness. The fire prevention inspector will remove equipment and materials considered hazardous at the exhibitor’s expense.  (All fire proofing must take place off-site prior to move-in.)

2) Exhibitor Insurance.

Neither Show Management nor the building owners accept any responsibility for injury to person, loss of or damage to products, exhibits, equipment or decorations, by fire, accident, theft or any other cause while in the building or its grounds. Show Management is not responsible for any injury, damage or theft occurring on the way to or from the Show or while on-site. Exhibitors, and any exhibitor appointed contractors, must possess comprehensive liability insurance which provides a minimum limit of liability of five million dollars ($5,000,000) for bodily injury and/or property damage in any one occurrence, includes a cross-liability clause, names both Informa Canada Inc. and Vancouver Convention Centre  (BC PavCo) as additional insured and provides that it will not be cancelled or materially altered before the termination of the Occupancy Period. This can be arranged through the exhibitor’s own insurance broker for a nominal fee. Exhibitors who do not have insurance may purchase temporary coverage for the duration of the show from Exhibitor Insurance using the form below.

The insurance must be issued by an insurance company licensed to transact business in North America and cannot be cancelled or materially altered prior to the termination of the Occupancy Period (September 19 through September 26, 2022 inclusive)

The following must be listed as additional insured:

  • Informa Canada Inc. ( 20 Eglinton Ave. W. Suite #1200, Toronto, ON M4R 1K8)
  • BC PavCo (999 Canada Pl #200, Vancouver, BC V6C 3C1)

Email a copy of your certificate to Megan Mitchell-Downey at Deadline for submission is Friday, September 2, 2022.

Exhibitor Insurance Order Form
Deadline:  September 2, 2022

3) Exhibit Hall Security.

IDS will take all reasonable security precautions to safeguard the premises. A security firm has been hired to provide 24-hour service to the exhibit halls. While we provide security, you must be vigilant and aware of your possessions. Exercise the following precautions to safeguard your booth during the Show:

  • Try to be on site when your product is being delivered to your booth.
  • Conduct a physical inventory after your product has been delivered, noting any missing or damaged items.
  • Do not leave your bill of lading unattended in your booth.
  • When setting up your booth, place your products where you can keep an eye on them.
  • After setting up your booth, conduct a visual inventory of your product and the way in which it is displayed (your camera phone is helpful for this.) Inventory all valuable items in your booth by recording serial numbers and descriptions.
  • Store any excess product or give-aways in a locked cabinet.
  • Don’t leave purses or briefcases on tables near the entrance of the booth or in an unattended blind spot. They should also not be left behind drapes or underneath tables since this is the first place that is targeted.
  • Try to greet anyone that comes into your booth – this lets them know that you are aware of their presence and will discourage any attempts to steal.
  • If your booth contains many valuables which are difficult to secure or time-consuming to setup or teardown on a daily basis, you may want to consider hiring your own overnight security guard. The expense will be justified should you lose one item.
  • When you leave at the end of each day either take your laptops, tablets or other electronic equipment with you, or store them in a locked cabinet.
  • Never leave cash or credit card receipts in your booth overnight.
  • At the closing of the Show, don’t leave your booth immediately; remain there until the floor clears. This is one of the premium times during which theft occurs.
  • Stay with your product on closing day until it has been securely packed and picked up for shipment. If you’re returning the following day to pack up your booth then it’s advisable to remove small cartons and open cases of products immediately after closing on Sunday to minimize the possibility of loss or damage to such items.
  • Obtain proper insurance coverage for your booth display and products, including transit to and from the Show site. (Show Management is not responsible for any injury, damage or theft occurring on the way to or from the Show or while on site.) Exhibitors are urged to obtain a rider to existing insurance policies to protect booth/product from the time it leaves their warehouse to the time it returns by contacting their insurance agent. Alternatively, insurance for the Show can be purchased through the Exhibitor Insurance link listed above.

If you have any security concerns before the show, please contact Megan Mitchell-Downey at .

4) First Aid.

The first aid room is located next to the West Ballroom A near the South entrance. In any emergency contact a security guard, show personnel, or dial 7500 on any house phone within the facility or 604-647-7500 from an outside line or cell phone.

5) Occupational Health and Safety.

NEW THIS YEAR:  The Vancouver Convention Centre will no longer be providing complimentary high-visibility vests.  Please bring safety vests for your entire team or be prepared to purchase them onsite.

All exhibitors are reminded that workplace and worker safety is everyone’s responsibility. All participants at IDS Vancouver must comply with the legislation contained in the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation and Workers Compensation Act, which is governed by WorkSafeBC.

The Occupational Health and Safety Act also requires exhibitors who will spend $100,000 or more on labour and materials must complete a “Notice of Project”.  Please see the Notice of Project section for more information.

1. Personal Protective Equipment:

Anyone working or visiting the show floor during move-in and move-out regardless of their booth size or location on the show floor MUST wear the following:

  • CSA approved steel-toed safety shoes (look for the green triangular patch).
  • High visibility vest.  NEW THIS YEAR:  The VCC will no longer be providing complimentary high-visibility vests.  Safety vests are available to purchase at the Service Desk on the show floor or on through the VCC Exhibitor Portal; you are also more than welcome to bring your own safety vests.
  • CSA approved hard hat in booths where overhead work and any work above 10 ft. is being done. (bicycle helmets are not allowed)

2. Health & Safety Declaration Form 

Show management will be vigilantly monitoring the show floor to ensure a safe work environment; everyone must make it a priority to minimize the potential hazards and reduce the risk of injuries. Should you see a hazard or unsafe work practice on the show floor, notify show management immediately.  All exhibitors are required to submit the Health & Safety Declaration Form by the appropriate deadline.  We kindly ask that you advise your staff, suppliers and exhibitors of the safety practices.

Health & Safety Declaration Form  (Mandatory)
Deadline:  September 7, 2022

6) Notice of Project.

Any exhibitor who will spend more than $100,000 on materials and labour to construct their booth must file a “Notice of Project” with the Workers Compensation Board via WorkSafeBC before move-in. To confirm if you need to submit a NOP, please read this page.   There is no cost to file the NOP, however, if you do not file there could be a fine imposed on you on-site or a WCB inspector could issue a stop work order. A copy of the Notice of Project must be posted at the booth before work commences. Please contact WorkSafeBC directly with any questions (1-888-621-7233).

Some of the other mandatory requirements that apply once a Notice of Project has been filed include having the entire booth cordoned off (eg. with yellow caution tape or an appropriate barrier) and all employees and/or sub-contractors working within the area must wear CSA approved steel-toed shoes and hard hats while booth construction is taking place (ie. walls being erected or dismantled, etc.).

Notice of Project Form
Deadline:  September 12, 2022

7) Hazardous Materials/Products – SDS Required.

Exhibitor planning to bring hazardous materials or products onsite (including during install/dismantle or in-booth demonstrations) must provide copies of each SDS (Safety Data Sheets) to Show Management.  Please email your SDS to Megan Mitchell-Downey at by September 2, 2022.

Exhibitors must also have copies in their booth for reference.